3 Essential Healthy Fat Sources

Cory Gregory


I get asked a lot what my favorite fat sources are that I eat regularly. The first I used to not like at all. I even made fun of my wife when she ate them and that’s the avocado. I read up on them and saw how great they are for your skin and body and I just made myself like them. That’s really the only way I can explain it. I made myself acquire the taste for an avocado  because the benefits outweighed my personal view on them. The avocado is my number one favorite fat and I eat it every day.

Second, mixed nuts. They’re easy on the go but you have to control yourself because it’s easy to eat way too much of them. It’s actually one of the more easily attained fats when you’re traveling and they’re very inexpensive which is a huge key.

Three is a tie between coconut oil and olive oil. Being Italian I grew up with a lot of olive oil but the benefits of coconut oil are great. If you read about everything from the Hawaiian culture and the way coconut oil has been used in India to help people live extremely long lives, that’s the key.

All of these fat sources are more than just a fat. I make sure that everything I do comes together and benefits my health and goals. Fats are essential in dieting, especially Anabolic Fasting, and by adding these in you’ll see benefits all across the board.

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