20 Minute Iso AMRAP

Dustin Myers


Ascending Ladder Superset:

Single Arm Push Ups


Ready to test your balance, coordination, strength and symmetry?  Give this 20 minute AMRAP a try.  Start with 1 single arm push up on each side, followed by 1 pistol squat on each leg.  Immediately return to the ground for 2 single arm push ups and then 2 pistols.  Keep increasing reps by +1 on each side during each round, and complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes.


Keys to the workout: If needed, modify the exercises by doing the single arm push ups from your knees and holding on to a rack while doing the pistols.  As the reps increase (and fatigue sets in), break the sets down into mini sets until the number of that round is reached.

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