2 Exercises to Improve Your Deadlift

Cory Gregory


If you are having trouble with your deadlift off the ground, I have two movements that can help you increase your explosiveness from the ground. 



Non-kipping toes to bar.  When I started incorporating this exercise into my routine regularly, my deadlift began to speed off the ground faster.  The reason? I was able to lock in my core when I pressed into my belt during the entire lift.


Now, I would start with non-kipping toes to bar for about 3 sets of 10 reps.  Being a very challenging movement, you may have to scale to a knee-up if you aren’t able to stick to the non-kipping toes to bar right out of the gate.



If you’ve never done cleans before (like a power clean), then you are missing out.  Over time you will start to get to a point where you will explode off the ground with weights you used to warm up with on your deadlift, forcing you to become more explosive on your pull.  Implementing cleans into your workout, it will make a HUGE DIFFERENCE.

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