Why Should You Try Max Effort Energy?

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Everyone experiences that mid-day dip in energy and focus.  Between work, training, school, family and friends you have a lot on your plate every day.  If you are tired (literally) of wandering thru your week fatigued and unfocused, let Max Effort Energy provide you with pure, lasting energy from natural sources so you get the most out of your training and daily interactions.


1. Improved focus and neural function

To keep you sharp and on top of your game we included Choline Bitartrate, a proven nootropic that improves learning and focus during work and study.  Our Energy formula also includes 

L-Theanine which has been studied for its potential ability to reduce mental and physical stress, improve cognition, boost mood, and improve cognitive performance in a synergistic manner with caffeine.


2. Pre Workout Alternative

Pre workout is the perfect answer to get you hype and jacked up before an intense gym session.  But what about when you’re dragging a little heading into your evening commute?  Pre workout may not be the best answer (although it will wake your ass up) before a 45 minute car ride, but our Energy formula will provide you with clean, lasting energy - minus the rip your face off intensity.


3. Excellent source of B Vitamins

B vitamins play important roles in cellular metabolism and thus having ample amounts is key for healthy immune function and recovery.  The most abundant natural sources are in grains and legumes, so if you are on any type of lower carbohydrate nutrition plan there’s a chance you are not getting all that you need from whole food sources.  Max Effort Energy contains it.


4. Natural source of Caffeine 

Max Effort Energy contains only 250mg of caffeine, with all of it derived from Green Coffee -  a healthy, natural source.


5. Cut out Energy Drinks

The thing that will benefit most from Max Effort Energy?  Your wallet.  Tally up what you spend each month on some sugar and chemical filled, carbonated monstrosity and compare that to the 40 servings that come in each jug of Energy.  That $2.50+ you’re dropping at a gas station every day adds up pretty quick.


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