Why Should You Try Max Effort?

Dustin Myers


I’m going to sum it up for you in one word - TEAM.  

What makes our team different than every other supplement company out there?  We are the only supplement company that is truly in it to help the consumer, the athlete, the weight room warrior…because thats who we are as well.

I have been involved in the “fitness industry” for close to two decades now so I have been around and familiar with numerous supplement companies.  While all companies claim to be “for the athletes” and in it to help the consumer, the reality is this:  the sponsored athletes are just there for window dressing, while the decisions that effect the consumer are made by suits that only have the bottom line in mind.  At most companies, the “team” that is making the decisions that effect you, the customer, couldn’t be further removed from the daily grind of the gym.

So let’s take a look at our team at Max Effort Muscle.

Cory Gregory - Gym Owner.  Best selling motivational author.  Trainer and inspiration to hundreds of thousands around the globe.  The list goes on and on.  Not only does Cory’s life revolve around teaching and helping others, his every day is rooted in the gym from start to finish.  There is no other supplement executive that is in the trenches the way that Cory G is.

Clay Guida & Travis Browne - While most companies randomly sponsor athletes for exposure, showing no loyalty or purpose other than creating the facade of athlete involvement, Clay and Travis are partners in the company.  Both UFC veterans for many years, these guys have been at the pinnacle of MMA for a long time and they know and care about the needs of  high level athletes more than anyone.

John Fosco - Renowned entrepreneur. Best Selling Author.  Veteran MMA Manager.  Like any business, fight promotions such as the UFC are known for signing fighters to “economical” contracts to increase profits.  The one line of defense fighters have against the big business interests?  Their manager…and John is known as one of the best with a reputation for fighting tooth and nail for the interests of his athletes.

And then there’s me. There’s nothing special about me - I have never been an elite athlete, I’m just a guy that fell in love with lifting weights a long time ago.  Sure I won some boxing matches and bodybuilding shows along the way, but I realized early on that my talent didn’t involve winning a championship…my dream was to help others win.  And that’s what I’ve done - from high school state titles, to NCAA championships, to World and Olympic Gold.  My entire drive, daily habits, and coaching career is built on helping others reach their lofty goals.  What is my number one tool for helping my athletes?  I lead by EXAMPLE.  In the weight room, with my dietary habits, with the way I live my life.

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