When To Take CBD

Max Effort Muscle


We have just released two DELICIOUS flavors (Cinnamon Roll and Grape Popsicle) to our CBD line, so we figured it may be important to go into detail of when you can and should take the CBD. 

Well, the short answer is that you can take it whenever you feel like you need it. It is all based on personal needs. If you feel like you struggle to recover after your morning workouts, then take a dropper after you finish that workout. If you struggle with anxiety in your workplace and in meetings, then it may be essential that you take a dropper before you go into work for the day. Lastly, if you struggle with sleep like a lot of people do, then we would highly recommend you taking a dropper before you head to bed for the night. 

We hope you give our CBD line a try! We know that you will enjoy the benefits that all of our CBD products have to offer!