Tri-Blend Creatine: Strength, Size, Power, and... Endurance???

Dustin Myers, CSCS


Did you know that Creatine is not strictly for strength and size gains?
A recent study published in the NSCA Strength & Conditioning journal looked at the cognitive benefits of Creatine and showed improved memory and number recall while under duress. 
While that is interesting, the thing that really stood out to me was the data the researches compiled from previous studies on athletic performance. In addition to the typical strength and lean mass increases you would expect to see from Creatine supplementation, there was also a strong correlation to performance increases with endurance athletes. 
Some key points:
- Elite male Rowers were shown to improve rowing endurance after 5 days of Creatine supplementation vs the placebo group.
- Elite male Wrestlers exhibited improved scores on the Wingate Anaerobic test (power endurance) compared to the placebo group. 
Considering that Creatine is essentially the fuel that your muscles break down into ATP for energy at the cellular level during intense exercise, it makes sense that increasing your Creatine intake (and therefore saturating the muscles with increased available Creatine) would lead to improvements in a Anaerobic and aerobic performance. In short, Creatine is not just for bodybuilders and powerlifters, it can benefit you no matter what sport you are training for (except maybe Pokémon...). I personally used to only take our Tri-Blend Creatine on my lifting days and would skip it on sprint or conditioning only days. After reading the data in this article, I am going to continue to take 10g (5g before, 5g after) on strength days and begin to implement 5g before running or biking on my conditioning days as well. I’ll let you know how it goes!