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Athletes, gym rats and your run of the mill gym goer who’s just trying to drop a few pounds all have a unifying goal, to perform at a higher level. It doesn’t matter if you are trying to compete with the best in the world on football field, break records powerlifting or trying to run a mile in under ten minutes for the first time. Everyone wants to be better. Of course, proper nutrition and exercise programming are instrumental in this process, but in order to compete with the best or expedite your personal progress proper supplementation is a necessity. Lucky for you, Max Effort Muscle has all the supplements you need to achieve your goals and compete at peak levels.

The Max Effort Muscle Pre-Workout has ingredients like citruline malate to enhance you’re the blood flow to your working muscles. Making your pumps bigger and the improving the transportation of oxygen through the body during cardiovascular exercise. Not to mention the caffeine anhydrous, which provides an energy boost like no other to push you through your workout with no crash later in the day. Taking Max Effort’s Pre-Workout is the necessary tool to improve your performance in the gym and as we all know, improved performance in the gym translates to all areas of life.

Max Effort Muscle also has the unbelievably delicious Post Workout designed with ten grams of BCAAs and five grams of glutamine. The Post Workout is here to help you recover faster from your workouts and expedite muscle growth. By adding supplemental amino acids, you increase the concentration of protein’s building blocks in your muscle which in turn increases protein synthesis. This increase enables your muscles to rebuild muscle bigger and stronger faster than had you not supplemented with exogenous amino acids.

            Maybe you are already on the Post and Pre-workout and you’re reading this thinking, “Yeah I know Max Effort has unbelievable supplements but I just can’t seem to dial in my nutrition. Healthy food just doesn’t taste good nor can it satisfy my cravings.” Well, unsurprisingly, Max Effort has the answer for that too. With the brand-new Max Crispy Treat and the Baking Mix you can have a delicious snack, guilt free. The Max Crispy Treat tastes like a candy bar. Imagine a Rice Krispy Treat with a chocolate drizzle and you have the Max Crispy Treat. Of course, we also threw in 20 grams of protein with only 9 grams of sugar. The Baking Mix allows you to make your favorite baked goods such as cookies, cake, pancakes, you name it. The Baking Mix is loaded with protein and low in sugar to keep you on track toward your performance goals. Nutrition is a huge part of improving performance. You can do everything right in the gym and take the right supplements but if your nutrition is messed up you can impede progress. Instead of going for the cookies or candy bar when you get hungry, bake some Max Effort Cookies or grab a Max Crispy Treat and continue on the path toward your goals!


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