Lower Stimulant Pre-Workout Option

Max Effort Muscle


A lot of people have been asking us for ways that they can utilize our products, but without as many stimulants. Well, we have heard of a great option that some of our customers and employees have been utilizing!

A lot of people have reached out to let us know that they have been taking the pre-workout AND the energy TOGETHER. Yes, together. So you're probably wondering how this is a lower stimulant option. Well, here's how you're going to do it:

You're going to mix a 1/4 scoop of the pre-workout with about a half scoop of our energy supplement. By doing this, you are still getting some of the great benefits of our pre-workout, as well as the much more subtle boost in energy from our energy!

We would highly recommend mixing the Kiwi-Strawberry pre-workout with the Strawberry Energy! Give this a try and let us know what you think!

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