How To Take The Tri-Blend Protein

Cory Gregory


Today we are going to go over how you take the Tri-Blend Protein! A lot of people ask, "So Cory, what does the Tri-Blend mean?" So, here's what it means:

We have an equal ratio of 1:1:1 within our 23 grams of protein between isolate, concentrate, and casein. It's truly one of the most all-purpose proteins, that tastes amazing and mixes good, on the marketplace today. 

Some people that follow more of a traditional diet use it post workout. A lot of the time they will use the Amino Recovery right when they are done working out, then 20-30 minutes later take a scoop of the Tri-Blend protein. 

Or, a lot of the people that follow fasting protocols utilize it before bed. The key is no matter what age, what you're into, or what type of athlete you are; our Tri-Blend protein, once again because it is split up between the three different variations of protein, is a true all-purpose protein that you can't go wrong with. 

But, the biggest key is that it tastes amazing and it mixes good!

Check out the Tri-Blend Protein!