How To Take Pre Workout

Cory Gregory


Our amazing Kiwi Strawberry pre-workout is back in stock so we figured we would show you the many different ways you can utilize our pre-workout formula!

We have a lot of questions on social media of how to apply the pre-workout for MAXIMUM results. We've got a couple of ways that we take it here at Max Effort. 

The most legendary way is, TO THE DOME, which means - 1 Scoop, throw it in your mouth, wash it down with some water, shake it up, and it goes about 15-20 minutes and it drops in and you're ready to rock. 

The second way is a little more traditional. 15-20 minutes before your workout, 1 scoop in 8-12 ounces of water, shake it down, kill it, OR you could sip it throughout your warmup. It kind of just depends on the person. 

Lastly, a lot of people ask how you cycle the pre-workout here at Max Effort. I recommend 2-3 bottles on, taking it on training days, not taking it on non-training days, then take about a week off after your second or third bottle, and then come back onto it. 

What I love the most about the pre-workout here at Max Effort Muscle is if you listen to that type of application you will not get used to it, and there is no crash at the end of your workouts. So when you take the pre-workout, the way that the energy matrix and the caffeine drops in, there is no crash at the end. You're going to be focused, you're going to have crazy pumps, and you're going to have no crash! The pre-workout here at Max Effort Muscle is unbelievable! 

Try the pre-workout today!