How The Max Effort Post-Workout Keeps Me In The Game

Dustin Myers


Often times, novice lifters are looking for the “magic pill” that will serve as a short cut around the years of hard work it takes to achieve big lifts or an impressive physique.  Over the past 25+ years of weight training I have always stuck to the basics when it comes to supplementation.  I know that no matter how great a product is or what outrageous claim some shady company is making (Gain 2” on your arms in just 6 weeks!!!), there is no substitute for hard work and intensity.  With that being said, the proper supplements can definitely give you an edge, particularly in the area of recovery. 

For as long as I can remember I have always taken some type of BCAA product along with Glutamine for recovery.  Typically these products are sold separately, so when we began to put together concepts and formulas for the Max Effort line, I was adamant about one thing - I, and my elite athletes - need a BCAA product that contains Glutamine.  Why are these two ingredients so crucial to recovery and performance?  Here are just a few of the many reasons:

1. BCAAs help trigger Protein Synthesis for increased muscle growth.  Studies have shown that muscles actually “burn” BCAAs for energy during intense exercise, which is one of the reasons that I always take my Post during the workout, in addition to afterwards.  Keep your muscles flooded with BCAAs and they will keep firing on all cylinders late into the training session.

2.  BCAAs facilitate fat burning improve glucose tolerance. 

3.  BCAAs can enhance endurance and minimize fatigue.  Remember when I said your muscles “burn”  BCAAs for fuel?  During glycogen-depleting exercise, particularly cardio and conditioning, your muscles can utilize the BCAAs to maintain ATP levels.  This is especially crucial on a low carbohydrate diet.  BCAAs have also been shown to inhibit your brains uptake of tryptophan - a major cause of fatigue of the central nervous system.

4.  BCAAs and Glutamine both decrease DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) to allow you to train harder and more often.

5.  BCAAs prevent muscle loss during steady state cardio and extended training sessions.  Since your muscles are able to utilize the BCAAs for fuel, the body doesn’t need to break down skeletal muscle during marathon training sessions.

6.  Glutamine has been shown to support your own body’s natural production of Growth Hormone.

7.  Glutamine supplementation has been shown to improve and protect your immune system.  Intense training can wear your body down and make you more susceptible to illness or infection - glutamine can help supercharge your body own natural defenses to keep you healthy and in the gym.

8.  Glutamine increases hydration within the muscle cells themselves - preventing muscle loss and allowing you to quickly recover for your next workout.  This is one of the reasons Glutamine is absolutely crucial for wrestlers, fighters and any other athlete that has to regularly sweat thru grueling two-a-days.

I currently drink Max Effort Tri-Blend Protein shakes once or twice a day, take our Fat Burner anytime I start leaning up, have been taking - and love - the Test Booster for a few months, but the one supplement I will always consume with every training session no matter what is the Max Effort Post-Workout.  I take it DURING and after every training session, and I typically train 2-3 times per day, every single day. 

I truly believe BCAAs and Glutamine are one of the chief reasons I am able to still train so frequently and with such intensity at 38 years old.  I usually mix 1.5-2 scoops Lemonade Post in my shaker cup and sip it during my workout, then chug whatever is left at the end.  On a typical day that means I’m consuming anywhere from 3-6 scoops of Post per day.  While that may seem excessive to some, I believe the proof is in the pudding.  I wake up feeling great every day and never have let “soreness” or fatigue stop me from training like a maniac.

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