How I Got Dehydrated

Cory Gregory


Hydration is of paramount importance when it comes to recovery. I had been on a steady streak of drinking two scoops of Max Effort Post Workout in a one gallon jug of water prior to lunchtime nearly every day.  After smashing that, I would drink about an additional half gallon of water for the rest of the day.  This is great and all, but I want to explain how I went from excellent hydration to being quickly dehydrated.

On Thursday, everything going as planned, I went to Westside Barbell to squat heavy and learn from veteran member, Tony Ramos.  For the squat and deadlift, I went all in, heavy as hell! Following that training session, I started to make an array of mistakes throughout the day... I got home from the gym and proceeded to get into my hot tub right away, which ended up with me being on a conference call for an hour.  Being in there for that long started the process of me getting increasingly dehydrated.  I jumped out of the hot tub, but for whatever reason my attention diverted from hydration the rest of the day.  That night I also had a very light dinner with just meat and veggies only.

The following afternoon my wife and I ended up at the bar celebrating, three Guinness later, the dehydration problem continued.  Earlier in the day I forget my post workout along with my water jug at the gym, apparently, hydration was not on my mind.  The next day I woke up, took my son to wrestling and grabbed a large black coffee.  Keep in mind that I hardly ever drink coffee, and because my body isn't accustomed to drinking this, the effect is going to be more drastic.  So, not only did I get up early to train, take my pre-workout and fat-burner, but I took in the additional caffeine from the coffee which was a bone head move on my part.

A combination of not having my jug, the hot tub, and the extra coffee were the players that caused me to be in a dehydrated state.  The typical person will usually ask how you can tell that you are hydrated?  One way to tell is when it comes to injury, it hurts more.  When the tissue isn't saturated, it's not as pliable and it begins to hurt.  The next way you could tell is by checking the color of your urine.  If you are showing a darker shade, that is an indicator that it is not diluted enough, so you need to hydrate more.  Also, being in this condition could cause major headaches and you just not feeling "good" in general.

I'm happy to say that I didn't get to the severe stage of dehydration, but I was not far off.  When you are busy in the day to day, it is very easy to let this get away from you.  It will kill your gains and recovery fast.  One of the easiest ways to fix this is to eat some salty food and some carbohydrates so the cells will draw water in, which will result in a re-saturated tissue.  In the end, keep in mind this happens to everyone to some degree, so be mindful.

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