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A few years ago, it seemed this thing called gluten took the world by storm. Everything was trying to become gluten free to accommodate those with Celiac Disease, an autoimmune disease that causes the ingestion of gluten to damage the small intestine. This revolution of the food industry brought about a great deal of research on gluten and the results were surprising. Many of the foods we all believed were healthy such as breads and grains all contained this evil substance in them known as gluten. Gluten is not only harmful to those who have Celiac Disease. Though their symptoms from gluten are far worse than the general population, people without the disease are negatively affected. This is why Max Effort Muscle revolutionized the supplement industry by introducing the NEW BAKING MIX. The Max Effort Muscle Baking Mix contains GLUTEN FREE oat powder rather than wheat flour, a common ingredient in your typical cake mix. Wheat flour is also used in other protein pancake mixes. Making something could be a “healthier” option calorically but failing to do away with this harmful ingredient.

So, what makes gluten so harmful that Max Effort Muscle decided we had to do away with it? When one ingests gluten even without Celiac it sparks an inflammatory response in the gut and can dysregulate your body’s natural insulin responses. There is evidence to suggest that avoiding gluten can result in positive changes in body composition and reduce weight gain even with a similar caloric intake. This is the result of upregulation of certain enzymes and hormones that improve glucose homeostasis and the body’s inflammation profile. When compared with a gluten free diet, those who consume gluten-containing foods regularly exhibit greater symptoms of pain, bloating and fatigue. None of which are good for regular activities of daily living, let alone performing at peak levels in the gym! So why would you take a product that has more protein than a regular pancake but does the same damage on the inside? The Max Effort Muscle Baking Mix was designed not only for your physique, but for your health as well.

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