Do Supplements Really Help You?

Cory Gregory


This is one of the main questions that I've gotten on and off for years; do supplements really help you? I really think that it was put best when I personally talked with Arnold Schwarzenegger. He said the he can't tell people supplements will make them a champion but he can say that if you're expecting more out of your body, training heavy with a disciplined diet and then you supplement with it, it will absolutely help it. You are expecting more out of yourself than the average person and I agree 100%.

People will ask me if they take the Fat Burner, will they lose weight? My answer to that is if you're disciplined and eating right, then the fat burner will help immensely. But it's not going to cover up a shitty diet. It can't fix the fact that you don't really want to lose weight or get leaner. Instead it will aid the person who really wants it or can get them past that plateau. Our Recovery Product at Max Effort Muscle is going to absolutely help you feel better with what you're expecting out of yourself. The Pre-Workout will absolutely get you focused if you're getting up and ready to go attack the gym. The Tri-Blend Protein will definitely help with recovery and cravings. The Baking Mix will keep you out of the cupboards at night because you're trying to take it to the next level. I've already seen people in my own gym getting leaner because they rely on this instead of those traditional midnight snacks.

Every product we have will absolutely help, IF, you're ready. I'm a supplement guy, I want to sell you supplements, but they are made for people who are ready to rock. If you're ready then let's go because we've got the best on the marketplace. They come from the highest level practitioners; every supplement is tested from the fact that we use them in the gym first. So do supplements help? Fuck yeah. It's not even debatable. What I require from myself on a daily basis, I have needed supplementation for 20 years. I'm not a normal person. I don't hold myself to normal standards. I want every ounce of my genetic potential at a drug-free level and supplementation helps me get that. It's already proven, you're watching it. So next time you ask yourself if these work, then think about how hard your training. Think about the discipline you're putting in your diet. If you're really trying to get to the next level then I don't know how you'd do it without supplementation. 

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