Best Focus Supplement

Max Effort Muscle


Max Effort Muscle features the best brain supplement on the market, Amphetamax. Amphetamax is a Nootropic packed with a powerful dose of our one of a kind “Amphetamax blend” that is formulated to give you sustained focus and energy without an energy crash. Amphetamax is an All Natural nootropic that can be taken every single day with no side effects or withdrawal symptoms when you do not consume it.

In order to function optimally, your brain must function at its highest level. Many people try to achieve this every day by consuming large amounts of coffee and energy drinks, but are left groggy and tired by time the afternoon comes. When you consume a large amount of caffeine throughout the day, it is activating your brain very quickly, but as time goes by your mind is left foggy and you are left feeling uneasy and unfocused.

Amphetamax is the best brain supplement for your college exams, work presentations, or if you need an extra boost during your every day life. Amphetamax is a slow releasing supplement, so just take one serving before you study for an exam or head into work and you will be focused and ready to tackle whatever comes across your plate.

If you are a college student, working professional, or just a naturally busy-minded person, give Amphetamax a try!