Avoid The Pitfalls of Cutting Weight By Utilizing Amino Recovery

Dustin Myers, CSCS


Wrestlers and fighters - let’s be honest with ourselves.  Unless you are a heavyweight, your competition prep involves cutting weight.  In a perfect world, cutting weight would simply mean dieting down to sub 10% body fat and competing at the lowest healthy weight possible…but we all know that is not the case.  Making weight typically means cutting water weight, and whether it is a minimal pound or two, or the extreme (and potentially dangerous) 5-10lbs, your performance will be compromised if you do not rehydrate and recover properly.

Rehydrating post weigh in (or even post practice) is crucial - but just chugging water once you step off the scale is not gonna cut it.  All of the electrolytes you lost while sweating on the bike or the sauna must be replaced, and I’m going to explain why our Amino Recovery is the perfect tool for the job.  But first, let’s get a better understanding of electrolytes.

Electrolytes are minerals in the body that have an electric charge. 


- balance the amount of water in the body.

- balance your body ph levels.

- move nutrients into cells.

- move wastes out of your cells.

- are involved in the function of all nerves, muscles, the heart and the brain.

Some of the major electrolytes involved in sports performance include:

- Sodium - deficiency results in muscle weakness.

- Magnesium    - deficiency results in muscle cramps, irregular heartbeat.

- Potassium - imbalance leads to cramping and muscle spasms.

While long term electrolyte imbalances should be addressed by altering and varying your water and food intake, the quickest, safest and most effective way to rehydrate and get your muscles firing properly is with an electrolyte supplement that can be rapidly digested like Amino Recovery. The electrolyte formula alone makes this supplement crucial for after weigh ins, but another advantage of this product is the amino acid profile.

Each scoop of Amino Recovery contains 10g of BCAA and 5g of Glutamine.  These Amino Acids are crucial for recovering from intense training and preserving muscle mass while in a calorie deficit.  Glutamine has also been shown to help facilitate water moving back in to muscle cells when in a dehydrated state.  So not only will glutamine help repair damaged muscle tissue, this crucial amino acid will also help get water back in to the muscle rather than just under your skin, avoiding that dreaded post weigh in bloat that can leave an athlete feeling sluggish.

While BCAA supplementation during training is crucial for recovery and to prevent muscle loss, BCAAs are also used as fuel for your muscles during intense exercise.  After weigh-ins (particularly a 1 hour weigh-in of a dual meet), eating meat (or other foods natural high in BCAAs) can make you feel sluggish and slow your body down as it prioritizes digestion.  That is why I typically recommend simple carbs (fruit) and avoiding fat and protein rich foods right before stepping on the mat.  However, the BCAAs in Amino Recovery are easily available for your body to utilize without having divert blood and energy to the digestive system.  Get the best of both worlds - energy, fuel and protection for your muscles, without risking an upset stomach.

In closing, Amino Recovery is the ideal tool to help you prepare for action following a hard weight cut.  I recommend drinking 2 scoops in 16-20oz of water immediately after making weight and then continuing to sip on it thru out the day during tournaments or taking an additional scoop in 8oz of water after each match. In my next article I will outline exactly what to eat and drink after weigh ins and during a long competition day.

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