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This is one of the main questions that I've gotten on and off for years; do supplements really help you? I really think that it was put best when I personally talked with Arnold Schwarzenegger. He said the he can't tell people supplements will make them a champion but he can say that if you're expecting more out of your body, training heavy with a disciplined diet and then you supplement with it, it will absolutely help it. You are expecting more out of yourself than the average person and I agree 100%.

People will ask me if they take the Fat Burner, will they lose weight? My answer to that is if you're disciplined and eating right, then the fat burner will help immensely. But it's not going to cover up a shitty diet. It can't fix the fact that you don't really want to lose weight or get leaner. Instead it will aid the person who really wants it or can get them past that plateau. Our Recovery Product at Max Effort Muscle is going to absolutely help you feel better with what you're expecting out of yourself. The Pre-Workout will absolutely get you focused if you're getting up and ready to go attack the gym. The Tri-Blend Protein will definitely help with recovery and cravings. The Baking Mix will keep you out of the cupboards at night because you're trying to take it to the next level. I've already seen people in my own gym getting leaner because they rely on this instead of those traditional midnight snacks.

Every product we have will absolutely help, IF, you're ready. I'm a supplement guy, I want to sell you supplements, but they are made for people who are ready to rock. If you're ready then let's go because we've got the best on the marketplace. They come from the highest level practitioners; every supplement is tested from the fact that we use them in the gym first. So do supplements help? Fuck yeah. It's not even debatable. What I require from myself on a daily basis, I have needed supplementation for 20 years. I'm not a normal person. I don't hold myself to normal standards. I want every ounce of my genetic potential at a drug-free level and supplementation helps me get that. It's already proven, you're watching it. So next time you ask yourself if these work, then think about how hard your training. Think about the discipline you're putting in your diet. If you're really trying to get to the next level then I don't know how you'd do it without supplementation. 



In formulation it’s simplistic but amazing at the same time. Having 10 grams of branch chains and 5 grams of glutamine sets it apart. I don’t know any other product on the market that has these levels, especially in the same product. Most have to split these into two separate supplements but we have them together for a true, all-purpose recovery post-workout. It can be used for those fasting diets or athletes of any kind. The application is widely used.

IT’S THE JUG LIFE! 2 scoops in a gallon jug of water and you’re bathing you body in amino acids and glutamine for recovery. It’s unbelievable to be able to have this type of quality in your jug all day to recover from those rough workouts. Whether you’re a sport athlete or in the gym, you can ensure that you’re recovered at the level you need to be.

The experience is second to none. The taste and mixablility is like no other. Every flavor is amazing and mixes without problem. I’d go out of my way and say that it’s the best Post Workout on the market and there’s nothing that you can compare to it. We’re selling tons of this product because it truly is great. The Max Effort Muscle Post Workout comes in 5 AMAZING flavors: Lemonade , Cherry Lemonade, GRAPESICLE LEMONADE, SWEET TEA, and Apple Juice.  Head over to our shop page and get you Post Workout today!



1. The Focus and Intensity is unreal but not at an overly anxious or jittery level. It is controlled intensified focus. IT IS NOT AN ENERGY DRINK! This is a pre-workout, your goal is to get a great workout. The ingredients are dosed in a way to make sure you can train effectively and be dialed in, ready to go.


2. No Crash! So many pre-workouts and energy drinks result in major crash. What separates Max Effort is the way the caffeine blends are set up to release at different times and there is literally no crash. When I was working on the formula, we formulated it in a way that is sneaky great.  It has no crash which almost never happens in a pre-workout!


3. Taste and Mix-ability is usually underestimated, but part of the experience of a product is more than just that it is dosed right and adds to the intensity of your workout, the taste has to be on the same level! It doesn’t matter if you throw a scoop in your mouth or mix it up in a shaker bottle, you’ll find the taste and mix-ability is unmatched!

If you haven't tried the Max Effort Muscle Pre Workout yet, we have 3 AMZING flavors: Raspberry Punch, Mango, and Kiwi Strawberry.  Head over to our shop page and check it our for yourself today!



I set out with our team at the manufacturer to create a true, all-purpose protein.  When it came to formulating our protein, I really wanted to emphasize having a 100% transparent protein that has an equal split of each main protein.  The TRI BLEND was born.

Our Max Effort TRI BLEND Protein features a 1:1:1 ratio of Isolate, Casein and Concentrate. If you are familiar with the nutrition/supplement industry at all, you quickly notice that the protein market is greatly saturated.  Most companies will focus on making a concentrate.  I however, wanted to be different, as we all know that’s how we run things here at Max Effort.

So people ask,

Can I take Max Effort Tri Blend Protein post workout?  YES.

Can I take Max Effort Tri Blend Protein before bed?  YES.

Can I use Max Effort Tri Blend Protein as a snack?  Again, YES!

It is truly the go-to for an all-purpose protein with this blend.  Extensive testing for mixability and taste was conducted here at Max Effort Muscle, and not something we take lightly.  No one wants to drink a clumpy, chalky shake.

I believe we knocked it outta the park, no matter what flavor you choose.  Quality + mixablity + taste, coupled with our ‘Build Your Stack’ feature, results in a home run.  Welcome to the Max Effort familia.



Today I’m going to go over how I utilize Max Effort products to get in what I believe to be the best shape of my life at 38 years old. I’ll share with you how I take the products, cycle on and off each one and which ones I stay on all the time so that you know how to utilize them properly.

Let’s start with the early morning schedule. I get out of bed at 2:45am and as soon as my feet hit the floor I take 1 serving of Test Boost and 1 serving of Fat Burner. You can take these two together. Since I promote the “Wake Your Ass Up Juice” a lot I tend to get the question: How do I incorporate the Pre Workout? My explanation is that you take the Pre Workout as late as possible into your training. Personally, I take it towards the end of my warm up. It drops in pretty fast, meaning that the energy and focus comes in within 15-20 minutes. By the time I’m warmed up, I’m completely locked in and ready to go. I try to separate the Test Boost and Fat Burner from the Pre Workout at least an hour to an hour and a half so that’s why it’s so key to take them as soon as you get out of bed. Some people are more sensitive to caffeine, which the Fat Burner and Pre Workout contain, so always be cautious at first and dose lower, because you can always go up.

As I’m leaving the house I put two scoops of Post Workout in my gallon jug so that I can sip on it as I train. Since I follow fasting protocol I like to get half a gallon down so that I’m able to utilize it, initially, for recovery. As the day goes on, people ask when I take the second serving of Test Boostand Fat Burner. Typically I take it after lunch, around noon to 1 o’clock. I’m still sipping on my Post Workout continually throughout the day and so people ask me when to add in the Tri-Blend Protein. I like to utilize this prior to bed because it has the unique, equally distributed proteins of casein, isolate and concentrate. It truly is an all-purpose protein and so you can utilize it however you like to.

If you look at the stack as whole it’s Pre Workout, Post Workout, Fat Burner, Test Boost and Tri-Blend Protein. Now, if we get into what I cycle on and off of, I look at Pre Workout. I go three to four bottles on and then take a week off. A lot of people are all in on this and use it constantly but I think it’s important to take a break. For the Fat Burner and Test Booster, it’s right there on the bottle. You can go up to two bottles and then take a week off. That is the protocol that I follow. Post Workout is something that I believe you can always use. It’s a high quality recovery product. Tri-Blend Proteinis another one that I don’t feel you ever need to cycle off of.


I hope this helped you better understand how to stack our great Max Effort product to get the best results possible and help you achieve your fitness goals.


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