3 Things I Love About The Max Crispy Treat

Cory Gregory


Max Crispy Treats:

1️⃣ The Crispy Treat is light on your stomach but the bar is sneaky big so it's mentally satisfying also. I don't open it up and think this ain't gonna cut it!


2️⃣ Everyone loved their moms rice krispy treats from when they were young. You feel like your cheating but your not! That's the key it's a secret weapon if needed to fend of those urges.


3️⃣ I built the bar with the ability to use it to spike your insulin at night before you go to bed to help you sleep deeper. Add it to the list of ?,? s and now Max Crispy Treats for a healthier tastier alternative. 

Max Crispy Treat
Calories :220
Protein :20g
Carbs :27g
Total Sugars :9g
Fat :5g
Add them in your Build A Stack today!!!!


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