2 Scoops To The Dome

Cory Gregory


Today Cory Gregory is here to tell you #HowITakeMyMaxEffort.  Cory is going to show you how he takes his Kiwi Strawberry Pre Workout with a little dog barkin cameo in the background.  So when Cory is in the gym at 3am he doesn't have a lot of time to mix up his Pre Workout so he takes it straight to the dome.  What does that mean????  He literally takes a scoop and throws it directly in his mouth and chases it back with a little water, shakes his head around to act as a shaker cup and presto!  If he is really tried he will take 2 scoops to the dome.   If you haven't tried the Max Effort Kiwi Strawberry Pre Workout yet, today it the day to add it to your STACK!!!!  Don't forget to tell us How You Take Your Max Effort using #HowITakeMyMaxEffort.  


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