Seared Tuna Steak Salad

Dustin Myers


Impress the love of your life with this sophisticated yet simple gourmet tuna salad.

Tuna Steaks - 2 (12oz total)
Avocado - 1 (diced)
Green onion - 1 stalk sliced thin
Olive oil - 2T
Sea Salt
Butter - 1T
Arugula or other salad greens

Olive oil - 2-4T
Soy Sauce - 2T
Sriracha - 1/2tsp

1. Thaw tuna steaks and pat dry
2. Heat olive oil in skillet on medium
3. Add sea salt and pepper to steaks
4. Once oil is hot, add butter and tuna steaks
5. Cook tuna 60-90 seconds per side (60 seconds for medium rare), then set aside to rest.
6. In large bowl mix dressing ingredients, green onion and avocado
7. Dice tuna steaks into large chunks and add to bowl. Fold into mixture carefully.
8. Spoon tuna avocado mix onto bed of greens and serve