Salty Pecan Coconut Ice Cream

Dustin Myers


Salty Pecan Coconut Ice Cream

1 Scoop Cookies and Creme Tri-Blend Protein

1 cup Coco-Whip

2-4oz Coconut Milk

1 oz Pecans (salted)


Combine Coco-whip and coconut milk until a thick semi-liquid base forms.  Stir in Protein and mix thoroughly.  Add chopped pecans and stir.  Place mixture in freezer 30-60 minutes or until frozen.

***you may substitute:

- any salted nuts for the pecans (cashews for example).

-milk, water,  or almond milk in place of the coconut milk.

-kool whip or other frozen whip for the coco-whip


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