Pumpkin Roll

Dustin Myers


Welcome back to another episode of Muscle Meals with your host, Dustin Myers!  Today, Dustin is going over a great recipe using the Max Effort Baking Mix to make a very seasonal and AMAZING Pumpkin Roll!!  This is a fall classic that a lot of people look forward to every year.  Dustin has taken the pumpkin roll and made it healthy for you to enjoy gilt free to keep your diet in check.  But why only enjoy this amazing treat in the fall when now you have a healthy version of it to enjoy year round???  Give this Pumpkin Roll recipe a try and let us know what you think!

Pumpkin Muscle Roll


Cinnamon Baking Mix - 3 scoops

Pumpkin (canned) - 2 heaping tablespoons

Egg - 1

Water - 1/4 cup

Butter - 1 tablespoon


Cookies and Creme Tri-Blend Protein - 1 scoop

Coco-whip or low sugar Kool Whip - 1/2 cup

Combine egg, pumpkin, Baking Mix and water in large bowl.  Heat skillet on medium low then add butter.  Once butter has melted add pumpkin mix to skillet and cover.  Cook until finished, flipping if necessary.

In separate bowl mix whipped topping and protein powder.  Spread protein mix on “pumpkin cake” then roll up and slice into individual rolls.

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