Muscle Desserts

Dustin Myers


Fried Apples & Almond Butter Mouse



            Apple - 1 medium

            Kerry Gold Grass Fed Butter - 1 T

            Cinnamon - pinch



            Almond Butter - 2T

            Sugar free Cool Whip - 4T



Melt butter in skillet on medium heat.  Slice apple into discs and de-core.  Fry until apple slices are browned and soft, approximately 3-4 minutes each side.  Sprinkle with cinnamon when almost done.


In a bowl mix creamy almond butter (or peanut butter) with Cool Whip.  Add more Cool Whip depending on desired consistency.


Arrange fried apple slices son plate and top each slice with mouse mixture.  Enjoy.



Strawberry Cream & Pecans



         Strawberries - 6 fresh or frozen

         Cottage Cheese - 1 cup low fat

         Pecans - 1 oz



Slice the strawberries and set 2 of them aside.  Place cottage cheese, 4 strawberries, and an ounce or so of water in a blender.  Blend until smooth.  Fold remaining strawberry slices and chopped pecans in by hand and place in bowl.  You may substitute any other type of berries for strawberries.  Place in freezer until partially frozen or eat at room temperature.