Complete Meal Balls

Dustin Myers


The perfect solution to the left over chicken dilemma. 

Rather than microwaving another boring piece of last night grilled leftovers, use that chicken to create a tasty complete full meal. 

The ingredients can vary, but you need at least one of each category:

- Protein (chicken)

- Fats (avocado, walnuts and olive oil)

- Simple Carb (bell pepper)

- Complex Carb (quinoa)

Dice all of your ingredients into small pieces, mix, and then roll into balls or patties.  For the sake of proper texture, you need at least 1 crunchy ingredient (in this case walnuts and bell pepper) and some type of oil to hold it all together.  I prefer these Meal Balls served cold, either as a snack or on a bed of greens drizzled with sriracha.  These Meal Balls (or patty) are also excellent fried - simply sauté the finished product in olive oil over medium heat.  Brown Rice or Oats make a fine substitution for the quinoa, and if you want to think outside of the box and need an avocado substitute, 1/2 banana will give you the same texture and hold everything together.