Chocolate Chip Cookie Squares

Dustin Myers


Welcome back to another episode of Muscle Meals with your host, Dustin Myers!  Today, Dustin is going over a great recipe using the Chocolate Chip Baking Mix to make some mouth watering Chocolate Chip Cookie Squares.  This recipe is very simple and takes only minutes to make.  All you need is a baking dish, Baking Mix, some eggs, grass-fed butter and a little water.  You are going to pre heat your oven to 350 degrees.

The first thing you are going to do is take the butter and grease the inside of the baking pan.  Melt some butter in the microwave then put that into a mixing bowl along with 1 egg.  Add 2 scoops of the Chocolate Chip Baking Mix and start out with about 1/4 cup of water.  Once you have mixed everything together, pour the batter into the baking pan. Place it in the oven and check it after 10 minutes.  Check the center to see if it is done all the way though.  After it is done baking, take it out of the pan, cut it up and enjoy!  Give this Chocolate Chip Cookie Square recipe a try and let us know what you think!

Ingredients & Directions:

1 egg

grass-fed butter (grease pan & melt butter for mix)

2 scoops Chocolate Chip Baking Mix

1/4 cup water

Oven at 350 degrees

Bake 10 min Check


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