Bulletproof BCAAs

Dustin Myers


Hot water - 6-8oz

Amino Coffee - 2 scoops

Grass Fed Butter - 1tsp 

Coconut Oil - 1T

Normally before morning conditioning or sprint work I drink a “bullet proof” coffee - essentially coffee blended with butter and coconut oil.  This mixture of caffeine and healthy fats (primarily Medium Chain Triglycerides) powers my coco-fasted cardio and increases my bodies utilization of subcutaneous fat for energy.  I then wait until after the workout to ingest protein, by taking our Amino Recovery.

Now, I can get the best of both worlds with “Bulletproof BCAAs” - caffeine, healthy fats, Aminos, and electrolytes - all in a delicious creamy coffee drink.  Give it a try today…I guarantee you will find yourself making another later in the day. So good!