Are You Allergic?

Cory Gregory


     The traditional bodybuilder diet has been part of my life over the past 10 years.  I would start with four eggs, over hard, cooking them in olive oil.  The results were great: 13 magazine covers, I was staying lean, and it was relatively easy to do.  However, after eating the same type of prepared eggs over and over again, the body continues to attempt to digest them the same way. This can pose some problems such as developing an allergy to certain foods over time.  In order to fend off allergies, you need to vary the way in which you prepare them, as well as vary your food sources.  This goes for all types of food, not just eggs.


     For example, one day try scrambling them, one day over easy, one day over hard.  It is a major key to rotate proteins because of the Law of Accommodation.  If you eat the same thing, time and time again, the body can develop an allergy.  How do I know this?  Because it happened to me.


     Eggs were a staple of my diet for a long time, and I ate them for a long time because I was getting great results.  Then, during one of my prep phases, I just couldn’t get leaner.  No matter what I did, it didn’t matter.  I thought I needed more conditioning, so I threw in more conditioning.  I thought I needed more training, I thought I needed less training.  I thought it was this, I thought it was that.  I just couldn’t fucking figure it out.


     So, I ended up going to my doctor that I learned from back in the day, to get some help.  He told me that I more than likely had developed a food allergy.  He asked if I was holding more water than normal.  I absolutely was holding way too much water.  I am extremely dialed into my body, so I knew something was off.  Then, he asked if my stomach had been upset and if I felt softer.  I said yes, all of that.  He said, “Here’s the deal, you probably have an egg allergy.”


     Another symptom that I noticed was that my skin started to get kind of scaly around my nose, which is a bit strange, but my skin started flaking around my nose and cheeks.  Allergies are a real thing.  If you have something you are continually eating, it may end up hindering your progress and results.  I really believe that if you pinpoint these things (especially earlier on), become more aware of your food prep and sources, that you can achieve the results you want.


     I ended up taking out eggs, and stuck with beef for a little while.  The result?  I got dramatically leaner.  The water I was retaining left my body, my muscles felt better, my energy was up, and my stomach felt infinitely better.  It was unreal.  Honestly, to this day, I can eat eggs only once a week.  I just really try not to eat them at all.  Does it suck?  Absolutely.  But, this is where the importance of rotating protein sources comes in.  


     By design I eat a lot of beef, but I do rotate between beef, turkey, and bison.  Start to think and evaluate what you are eating.  If you are eating something regularly, you may have an allergy, or be on your way towards developing one.  Two of the main things people are allergic to are eggs and dairy.  If you aren’t progressing or you are staying stagnate, take a step back to evaluate what you are eating to identify the issue.


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