Wow! Wait, What?! 5 Men From The Emmys Who Are Surprisingly Ripped

Ellie Thompson / Blog MAFIA


ICYMI: the 2019 Emmys were presented last night to award the best TV shows of the year. The purple carpet showcased many notable faces, but let’s take a moment to appreciate the most jacked actors at the Emmys last night.

Sterling K. Brown – This is Us

As a 40+ year old man, Brown has it figured out when it comes to fueling his body. He works out every day and focuses on listening to his body – does it need a low impact workout or a 7-mile run? He emphasizes treating his body like an instrument, putting fuel in your tank. He also drinks almost a gallon of water every day and avoids foods with flour and sugar.

William Jackson Harper – The Good Place

Harper plays a nerdy, sweater-vest wearing, ethics professor on one of the best sitcoms on TV, The Good Place. So, when the new star took his shirt off in season three, it’s safe to say viewers were surprised. Harper attributes his physique to daily HIIT workouts and a low carb diet.

Kit Harington – Game of Thrones

Harrington is a ‘hard-gainer’ who has trouble bulking up, even when he trains often and eats constantly. He has learned how to use his fast metabolism to quickly cut body fat and define muscle. Heavily seasoned chicken, rice, and sweet potato are three staples in his diet.

Mahershala Ali – True Detective

With an increasingly busy schedule, it’s difficult to find time for working out. Ali tries to ride his bike whenever he can to get in a quick workout and also refocus mentally. If he can’t bike, he goes to the gym for cardio since he bulks up easily. With the roles he is playing on shows like House of Cards, he can’t get too jacked or the audience won’t believe his character.

Antoni Porowski – Queer Eye

Porowski is the culinary expert from Netflix’s reboot of Queer Eye. With all the delicious food he’s been cooking up on the show, many fans have wondered how he has maintained such a toned body. Apparently, Porowski works out twice a day, taking a fitness class in the morning and then doing yoga or going to the gym in the afternoon.