What Is a Superset?

Jon Jacome & Jacob Pontius / Blog MAFIA


SUPERSET! We all done it, said it or at-least heard of it, but what exactly is a superset? And what are the benefits? 

In short, a superset is when an individual performs two different exercises back to back with no or little rest. To go into further detail, there are even different types of supersets.

A true superset will be when an individual is performing exercises that work opposing muscle groups; such as a bicep curl and a tricep pulldown. Both are working the muscles of the arm but when one group is performing the work the other is at rest. An other form of a superset will be describe as a compound set or in other words a same muscle group super set. An example of this will be performing pushups right after bench pressing.

Regardless, of superset or compound set both are beneficial. Both can be used to increase muscular endurance due to the small amount of rest each muscle group receives. In addition, if timing is an issue this can be a way to increase the amount of exercise in a small amount of time. A compound set that I enjoy is pairing seated cable rows with dumbbell rows. The dumbbell row really allows focus and engagement on one side of the back at a time.

My favorite superset does not involve exercising, but rather the consumption of Max Effort Muscle Pre Workout and Fat Burner as soon as I hop out of bed in the morning! I can feel my metabolism instantly kick into high gear as soon as they are consumed and I am ready to attack whatever comes my way!