What If Babe Ruth Took Supplements?

C. Westerkamp - Cory Gregory / BLOG MAFIA


Could you image if "The Babe" could have taken supplements like Max Effort Muscle & lifted weights? Historically Babe Ruth was drinking beer, smoking cigars & not exercising at all. Babe Ruth had an unreal natural strength & hand eye coordination even when he was half intoxicated like no one that had ever played the game prior to the 1930's.
On this day in 1934 Babe Ruth played his final game at Yankee Stadium. At the time he was a living legend. 2,500 fans came out to see the game and I can’t even imagine the thrill of being one of them that day. His final game came at age 39 in a season he batted .288 with 22 home runs. 
  He is largely considered to be the best baseball player to ever walk the Earth and I’d have to agree. He was a two way player: great pitcher and great batter. He would go on to be in the Hall of Fame and Yankee Stadium would be referred to as the House that Ruth Built. If he was around today it would have been amazing to see what a healthier lifestyle & lifting could have yielded.
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Christian Westerkamp
Cory Gregory