Try This Amino Coffee Protein Smoothie!

Josh Dooley / Blog MAFIA


After a fasted workout in the morning, there's nothing I want more than coffee and protein. I was used to pouring hot coffee over my go-to protein powder, and calling it a day. The caffeine kick was needed, and most protein powders blend well into hot coffee. To take my coffee next-level, and get my amino acids in, was a different story. I tried as many unflavored amino blends as I could find, and was always left with a chalky taste when added to my coffee and protein mix. Unfortunately, most of the amino's I found to taste good were fruit or citrus flavored, so I was mixing two separate drinks (coffee and amino's) just to get the desired effect. Max Effort's Amino Coffee has been a game-changer... I'm getting protein and BCAA's for recovery, plus my caffeine fix, all-in-one. Don't just read about it, try my favorite mix:

1 scoop Max Effort French Vanilla Amino Coffee

Pour half of your black coffee over the amino's, they blend right in

1 scoop Max Effort Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein

Pour over the rest of your coffee and stir

Tweak coffee and light creamer mix to taste

Tastes great, with tons of flavor - all to aid in workout recovery!