Top 5 Most Jacked Cleveland Browns of 2019

Cory Gregory & Jacob Pontius


The NFL starts its 100th season tonight & even though the opening night game is the epic rivalry between the Chicago Bears & the Green Bay Packers, all the buzz is in an unfamiliar place, CLEVELAND OHIO! The hype around the browns is wild! The city is so hopeful for a winner & we believe they have one in 2019! To continue the excitement, we ranked the Top 5 most jacked Cleveland Browns of 2019! 

1. Myles Garrett - The star defensive end is coming off his best year of his career and is sure to be causing tons of havoc in opponents backfields all year long. Garrett also was just featured in the ESPN Body issue so this was an easy choice for him to be number one on our list.

2. David Njuku - Njoku is also coming off a career year for Cleveland and is sure to see his targets increase with the arrival of Odell Beckham Jr. in Cleveland. Njoku has always had freakishly low body fat since he entered the league out of The University of Miami. 

3. Mack Wilson - Wilson was drafted out of Alabama this year and is considered by most to be the steal of the draft for the Browns. Considered by most to be undersized for his position, Wilson has always relied heavily on the weight room to make up for his lack of size for the middle linebacker position. 

4. Odell Beckham Jr. - This was an obvious choice, as Beckham has always had freak skills at the wide receiver position. His athleticism combined with his speed is what separates him from the average tier of receivers in the NFL.

5. Jamie Gillan - Gillan is the dark horse in this group, just like he was all of training camp with the Browns. Not expected to make the roster, he ended up earning a spot on the roster by beating out a favored veteran. Gillan's main highlight of the preseason was his fake punt in which he took off and outran the entire defense for a first down.