Thursday Night Football: What Supplement Should Aaron Rodgers Take?

Jacob Pontius / Blog MAFIA


Thursday Night Football features a pair of teams filled out with some superstar players, so I figured it would be fun to play a theoretical game. What Max Effort Muscle supplement is best for some of these stars lining up tonight at Lambeau Field?

Aaron Rodgers: We will start with the biggest star on the field tonight, Aaron Rodgers. If there was one supplement that describes Aaron Rodgers, it is Amphetamax. Rodgers is always focused and is always calm under pressure. He doesn't get flustered and is always dialed in. 

Carson Wentz: If there was one supplement that Carson Wentz needs, it is Amino Recovery. Wentz's injury struggles are well documented, and I believe if he got his hands on some Max Effort Muscle Amino Recovery, he would actually be able to finish an entire NFL season. 

Desean Jackson: Fat Burner. Jackson is shredded and I'm not sure if there is anyone in the league that has better one direction speed than him. He is definitely taking some Max Effort Muscle Fat Burner before he lines up tonight.

Jimmy Graham: Creatine. Have you seen this man? He is a nightmare if you are a linebacker or safety assigned to him in coverage. He can jump over you or run through you.