I Sleep 4 Hours & THIS is How!

Cory Gregory / Blog MAFIA


The patterns and the duration of my sleep have been a topic of discussion for many years.  I decided to test three different variables to see what works the best and why.  I believe that the quality of my sleep has been even better and more efficient over the past year.  Here’s why and here’s how I can prove it.

We actually got hooked up from a sponsor of the podcast, Whoop.  Using their strap, Whoop collects your physiological data 24/7 to provide the most accurate and granular understanding of your body.  With their technology, I’ve been able to run multiple tests to see what’s more efficient with my sleep.  

The first test consisted of the Fasting protocol and utilizing a sugary carb spike before. In addition to this, I was taking one dropper of our MaxEffortMuscle CBD 1000mg also. The insulin spike creates a natural crash plus aligned with the CBD it's a match made in heaven.

Everything matched up (as shown below).  

The second test I didn’t use CBD but kept the traditional spike.  

Finally, the third test I decided to spike with fats only, no sugar, but still used the CBD.

Before, I conducted all of my experiments by trial & error and based on feel, with zero analytics.  Now I have the resources and analytics to definitively test different things.

My findings… If I properly utilize insulin manipulation with my fasting protocol and combine CBD 1000mg before I go to sleep, my sleep quality rivals any elite-level athlete. The kicker is that I’m able to accomplish this in a much shorter amount of time.  As you can see below, this is a screenshot from the founder of Whoop, showing how I’m able to get a higher quality of sleep with much less time involved.  Through lifestyle design, diet, and supplements, it is possible to optimize this.