3 Super Simple Ways To Jazz Up Your Protein

Chad Proud / Blog MAFIA


We’ve all been there. You like the taste of protein powder (Apple Pie FTW!), but mixing it with water just isn’t cutting it anymore. Well you’re in luck, below are the easiest of easy 3 ways to mix your protein powder and crush your goals!

1) With Plain Greek Yogurt

My personal favorite. Simply mix one scoop of protein with plain greek yogurt and voila – you have an extremely high protein, tasty treat that will satisfy any sweet tooth. Makes an excellent low-carb pudding alternative or even ice-cream if you let it sit in the freezer for a while with zero added sugar. Perfect option for anyone living that Anabolic Fasting Lifestyle! Any flavor is an excellent choice.

2) Mixed With Oats or Oatmeal

As easy as it sounds. Best with Apple Pie flavor. Simply mix in the protein powder with the oatmeal and water and warm-up as normal. The apple pie combination makes a perfect apple crisp/cobbler substitution. Avoids the unnecessary added sugar of flavored oatmeal options.

3) Blended With Coffee

Have you seen the nutrition information for any flavored Starbucks drink? Wow! Avoid all of that, and save money too by mixing your protein with your coffee of choice and enjoy a delicious hot or cold treat. Best with apple pie, s’mores, mint chocolate chip, and cookies and cream flavors.

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